Monday, October 19, 2009

Shots Fired

I won't, I shan't
No- I- will- not
I will not get
that damn flu shot!

Media tries
Though media fails
To convince us
We'll have all that ails

Shots- we've heard
Around the world
Are meant for every
Boy and girl

And adults too
Must vaccinate-
For those who don't
The risks are great

To scare tactics
I shall not succumb
Does the CDC
Think we're that dumb?

We've heard of those
Unfortunate few
Who got the shot
Then got the flu

So I stand firm
And I resist
No flu shot !
And no flu mist !

I'll rely on cures
Of yesteryear
Like chicken soup
And tea, and beer
(okay, maybe not beer)

Should I have fever,
Cough, or chills
I'll take my multi-
Symptom pills

And climb into bed
For a nap, or two-
Soon enough I'll
Be good as new

Wait, hold on
What's that you say-
A new report
Is out today?

Supply cannot
Quite meet demand?
And too few shots
Have they on hand?

Quite suddenly
The tide does turn
For we who read
And listen learn
Tis the early bird
Who gets the worm!

Perchance we may
Be turned away
So hurry! Hurry
Out today-

Call your doctor!
Call your nurse!
Get the keys
And grab your purse!

Sign in here
And claim your spot
Until you've had your shot!

On second thought-
I think not

This is my truth;


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